[Jewelry Attractions] Thailand

A friend has invited me to join her on a trip to Thailand in January
maybe for 3 weeks, certainly no less than two. Any suggestions about
particularly wondrous things of particular interest to an interior
designer and a jewelry-person (designer, fabricator) would be
welcome. Also places you’ve stayed (recently) that are inexpensive
but pleasant. It would be great to hear your experiences there as

Thanks - Charleen Tyson
email - charleenweigel@cs.com

Hanuman’s Response
You can always visit me :slight_smile:

Charleen, You didn’t mention where you plan to go in Thailand, but
certainly you will be in Bankok at least for a while. I’ve been there
about ten times in the last fifteen years ane have travelled all over
the country. When in Bankok, have usually stayed in the Federal
Hotel, Sukhumvit, Soi 11. It’s small, friendly, clean, has a pool and
runs about $35 a night. Might be less now because of the more
favorable exchange rate. As for jewelry attractions, there are too
many to mention. Beware, however, the touts who want to take you to
their cousin’s jewelry factory where you can get a “special deal”. I
buy gems in Chantaburi and have for the past few years stayed at the
PK Grand. Very nice and quite reasonable. If you are interested in
gems, Chantaburi is a must see, but buy only if you know what you are
buying ! The market is open mainly on Fridays and Saturdays. Even if
you don’t buy, I think it’s a neat town to visit. Ther’s a whole lot
more. If I can answer any more questions , email me off list. Jerry in

GIA is having two one week wax carving classes at the GIA Bangkok
campus Oct 1 - 5 and Oct 8 - 12.