[Jewelry attractions] Rome

hi folks

my wife has been chosen to be the chief critic for risd’s European
honors program so it looks like we’ll be moving to Rome, Italy for
the next couple of years. I’m open for any that anyone
has to give about the local jewelery scene there. I already know
about alternatives gallery and the schools in Florence. I’d love to
learn more about what opportunities, fellow artists, suppliers, etc
are available to me in Rome. I generally do one off pieces fabricated
in precious metals, occasionally cast or use a professional caster.
I’ll be bringing a very few tools and supplies with me and would like
to learn about what is over there. I’ll have studio space provided
but no equipment; I might be interested in space in a shared studio
with equipment or whatever.

I’m open and want to learn more.

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mark kaplan
rhode island school of design
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