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[Jewelry attractions] Rome, Athens and Florence

Going on a trip to those places next month, I"d appreciate to hear
about interesting places to look for. Tks in advance, Regina

In Florence, don’t miss the Ponte Veccio (old bridge) where both sides
of the bridge are lined with goldsmith shops.

Donna in VA

   Going on a trip to those places next month, I"d appreciate to
hear about interesting places to look for. Tks in advance, Regina 

when in rome you should stop by ‘alternatives’, a contemporary
jewelry gallery right in the heart of the eternal city… rita and
giancarlo the owners, say hello from me.

Via D’Ascanio 19
Roma 00186
06.683.08.233 voice

Regina- In Florence, THE place to is the Ponti Vecchio Bridge over
the Arno. That’s the traditional goldsmith’s area. A sculpture of
Benvenuto Cellini stands as a testament.

In Rome, check out the basement of the Vatican. There’s a permanent
display of Papal jewelry dating back hundreds of years. Huge pave’
Diamond Vestment brooches, gold figurines, rare So much
for the Franciscan vow of poverty.

However the finest city, by far, to see exquisite jewelry is Milan.
The center of the metalsmith’s trade in Italy. An industrial
city…but the area around the Domo is akin to Zurich’s

Good luck. Kim Eric Lilot.

Hi all, I will be traveling to Tuscany with a group of friends in late
August. First time visit. We will be centered near lucca, which is
between Florence and Pisa. I am planning on exploring that regoin
for most of the journey. Any suggestions on what to see either
contemporary, or historical work?


Hey Jim, In Florence don’t miss 2things. The Science Museum which is
near the Ufizzi (sp?) has an incredible collection of scientific
instruments (astrolabes, charting tools, surgical instruments) as well
as Galileo’s finger bones under glass. The Natural History Museum–
“La Specula”-- is across the Arno down the street from the Pitti
Palace (the home of the Mediccis). This strange little museum has the
most nicredible collection of anatomical waxes you will ever see.
Circulatory systems, individual organs, fully rendered and flayed
bodies are executed in perfect detail, with exquisite artfulness and
in a medium as seemingly transient as wax and they’ve lasted for
100’s of years. The place is not well known from tour books, but it
shouldn’t be missed. Don’t eat lunch first. Tuscany is wonderful.
Have a good trip

Andy Cooperman

Lucky! You might want to pick up a copy of each of Frances Mayes’
books about her adventures of living in Tuscany while renovating an
old villa. . .travelling back and forth from San Francisco while
teaching poetry at SF State. The titles aRe: Under the Tuscan Sun
and Bella Tuscany.

Along with her two books and a copy of any of the "Eyewittness Italy"
type travel books, a good map of the area (we used Michelin - very
detailed and glad of it) you will have no trouble choosing and
getting to the spots that interest you. You may want to step into a
little silver jewelry store in Firenze that I found and have sent a
few friends to: Altrimondi, located on Via degli Alfani, 92/R (R
means red), phone: 055217105. (not too far a walk from the Duomo)
Very fun and reasonbly-priced pieces.

Try to get to Delphi (about 3 hrs. from Athens in the mountains)
while in Athens. It was a remarkable experience. The hotels have
tours everywhere, every day if you don’t have a car.

Bon Voyage!
Kay Taylor