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[Jewelry Attractions] London

I’ll be in London for a few days next week. Any recommendations for
gemstone bead and cabachon shops worth visiting? Or jewelry related
shops. Thanks in advance.


For new british glass (patented) cabuchons try: other
wise the usual swarovski glass or Chezlovak cabs. Both found at the
high end of Carnaby Street called the bead shop. For somthing entirly
diffrent, as I say try DVT for British.

Best Regards,
Martyn Ellis

Hi Rita Just walk down Hatton Garden, runs between Clerkenwell Road
and Holborn Circus, tube stations Farringdon or Chancery Lane ask
directions you will probably find what you want, tools, bullion etc.
(Exchange Findings). For stones go to R. Holt & Co in Hatton Garden, I
find them very helpful. Ian

Hi Rita, There are loads of jewellery shops and attractions but as you
don’t have long, my favorite places are the Electrum Gallery on Madox
Street just off Oxford street. It has one of the best contemporary
jewellery on going displays. For some Gem shops I would say go to
Hatton Gardens which is near Farringdon Tube station. It is the
jewellery centre in London and there you are bound to have some fun.

Hope you enjoy London. Tessa

  I'll be in London for a few days next week.  Any recommendations
for gemstone bead and cabachon shops worth visiting? Or jewelry
related shops. Thanks in advance. Rita 

Hello Rita, Just returned from a week in London. Have a pint for me.
Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing the jewelry display at the Victoria
and Albert Museum. The museum is huge, and I didn’t even know about
the jewelry display until I sort of stumbled on it about 45 minutes
before closing. They had to kick me out - so many ideas and
techniques used. If you have time to go, immediately ask about the
location of the display and find it first! I think you can take
photos through the glass if you wish. The other jewelry to see
would be the Crown Jewels housed in the Tower of London. There are
related displays about how the Cullinan diamonds were cut and how
diamonds were “rented” for use in some coranation crowns. There are
admission fees to the V&A and the Tower, but both are well worth it
and the day’s time you can easily spend in each place. BTW, eat
lunch at the V&A - a nice menu with reasonable prices. Judy in Kansas

Got to The Bead Shop 21a Tower Street, Covent Garden, London WC2
Downstairs - lots of good stuff here!

Hatton Garden will have many suppliers but you tend to need formal
introductions to the dealers in order to get into their offices.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Portobello Road might be an interesting place to visit for Vintage
jewelry. And Bond Street has some major players. Regent Street has
Gerrard’s. Also, just down the road the British Crafts Council might
have some contemporary jewelry on display. They used to have a slide
archive open to the public for viewing additional work of British
artist/craftsmen. Camden Lock is a great place to see jewelry and
other interesting hand crafted things.

Have fun.

Dear Rita,

You will find “The Bead Warehouse” Neil Street, Covent Garden. The
best place for beads etc. The actual Jewellery Quarter of London is at
"Hatton Gardens". This is were the major trade companies are. If you
get time, try to visit “The Crafts Council” Gallery at Islington, not
far from the Angel Underground station. There are also many Degree
shows going on at the moment including “New Designers”. Hope this is of
help Kindest Regards BrianS :slight_smile:

Brian S. Saynor BA (Hons)
3D Life-Style Metalwork & Jewellery

I am going to London in a few weeks, and I am looking for an
upmarket designer jewellery store that would be good to supply( ie. a
gallery type outlet that showcases different designers). Any leads?
A friend has suggested that there are a few ‘boutique’ (for want of a
more contemporary term) jewellers in a street near Harrods. Do any of
you know what this street might be? I am also interested in good
stone merchants. I am also travelling around Germany , Denmark and
the Netherlands if anyone knows of quality outlets and jewellery
galleries i should see.

victoria buckley, sydney australia

Hi Victoria, There are plenty of places a to go to to name a few, the
Electric Gallery on south Molton Street and the place for stones is
Hatton Gardens. I am afraid you will have to trapes around to get to
all of them also, The Craft Council in Islington on Pentonville
Road. Hope some of this helps. If you have any time left over and
would like to have a coffee to “jewellery chat” send me a mail :slight_smile:

All the best,
Tessa A-Milne

I will be visiting London, England from August 1 - 9. In addition
to seeing the usual tourist sights I am interested, if possible,
seeing something of silversmithing while I am there. Is there any
area or town that would be especially interesting to visit? Any
suggestions would be appreciated.


area, I would suggest Hatton Garden in London. It is the heart of
the jewellery business, and there are many beautiful shops, many of
which (and the working metalsmiths) can be found in the side streets
off Hatton Garden itself. You might also try contacting Goldsmiths
Hall (where one of the Assay Offices is) - I can’t remember the web
address but if you Google for it you’ll find it - who may be able to
give you much more extensive Hatton Garden is in the
City of London and very close to interesting places like the Inns of
Court, The Barbican, the Old Bailey and the London Museum.



Be sure to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum and see the craft
section in the Museum shop. Some of the jewelry by local artists
are superb.

John Fong

Hi Nancy

The London Silver Vaults are well worth a visit, home to the world’s
largest collection of fine antique silver.

There is more info on their website here:

Enjoy your trip,

Eva Martin

Hi Nancy,

Re visiting silversmiths while in London, may I suggest that you
contact the goldsmiths company at, ask
their advice and I am sure they will be able to let you know of any
silversmiths that accept visitors. Also ask to visit the Goldsmiths
Hall in the City of London, the building interior and its treasures
will blow your mind. I am a freeman of the goldsmiths company and
have often been to the Hall to see exhibitions and such. Also perhaps
you could visit the main silversmithing college in London “the sir
John Cass department” at the London metropolitan university. Also
make sure you visit the Victoria and Albert museum and see the
silversmithing section. I hope you have a great vacation over here,
lately the weather has been hot and not very comfortable.

Best regards James Miller
(an English goldsmith no longer working in London)