Jewelry attractions in Florence, Italy

Appreciate any suggestions for a jewelry student to see on my 10-day
visit to Florence, Italy in May.

Anyone know where the Cavillan Factory is located (rolling machines)
in Italy? Thanks.

any suggestions for a jewelry student to see on my 10-day visit to

The Ponte Vecchio is likely one of your more overrated attractions,
but there’s lots of jewelry there, nonetheless. I would only say, do
NOT miss seeing David while you are there. There are a couple of
so-so copies outside, the real one is here:

One of (if not THE) the most magnificent works of art in the history
of the world…

Well, I have been to Florence about 4 times teaching computer aided
design for GIA. I don’t know where the factory is but if you want to
see some fine jewelry just walk across the Ponte Vecchio Bridge…
many fine goldsmiths. If you ask any of them they can guide you or
just do a Google… Oh and make sure for eats you get the Bistecca
Florentina… (Steak cooked rare and you can’t get it any other
way…) they are famous for it.

Happy Day!
Russ Hyder

A wonderful museum to visit, while not entirely jewellery related is
The Opificio delle Pietre Dure Museum Florence.

Do a google on this, it is usually not very busy so easy to get
tickets for it (and you can get tickets there for other Florence
attractions whose own lines are really really long)

The museum goes back to the Renaissance and is all about the art of
stone inlay to make pictures. Totally amazing stuff. There is also
the workshop were the pieces were made originally.

is absolutely fantastic. I was walking through the rooms and I could
feel my heart sing - do not miss it if possible.


Or St. Lucia - when any of you visit, stop off at La Plas Kassav -

My personal favourite is the one with saltfish, but there’s
chocolate, cherry, and all other sorts.

You can see how it’s prepared in the traditional way, you can even
stir the pot if you like - it’s hotter than it looks.