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[Jewelry Attractions] Galleries in san Francisco?

Dear Orchid Members,

Could someone please suggests some contemporary jewellery galleries,
textiles, glass galleries to visit in San Francisco? I am there from
1st-12th April. I know about the da Vinci gallery, the lalique and
Faberge exhibition,and the Japanese cherry blossom festival… All
help appreciated. Many thanks

Felicity from hot West OZ


We’ve pretty slim pickin’s in the way of fine metal-arts galleries
here in Fog Town these days. I personally think there are a better
selection in Seattle. Gallery Flux was one of the best but bit the
dust last year. You can still access their websitehowever.

Other than Velvet da Vinci the only other gallery I’d recommend is
the De Novo Gallery in Palo Alto near the Stanford campus.

A major attraction for anyone who wants to study fine metalwork is
the Oakland Art Museum on the shores of Lake Merritt. It used to be
curated by Kenneth Trapp who went on to the Smithsonian (Renwick
Gallery) and to write several wonderful books on decorative arts.
Under his tutelage the museum acquired some wonderful pieces (mine
humbly included). It is definitely worth the trip.

I look forward to hearing of your experiences.

Peace. Kim.

Could someone please suggests some contemporary jewellery
galleries, textiles, glass galleries to visit in San Francisco? 

Felicity, there’s far too much diverstity of things to do here on the
level you ask to actually say, and it depends on your own fancy, too.
The biggies are the Palace of the Legion of Honor, which is on the
ocean and beautiful in itself - that’s the Lalique, etc. show. The
DeYoung, the Asian Art Museum (great…) and MOMA. I’d suggest you
go heRe: That’s the major local
newspaper - the SF chronicle, though the website has a different

I hit art/calendar/galleries on a Saturday and got 76 hits…

I’m not real familiar with San Franciso Magazine (though I know the
editor…) but it’s a good thing to poke around in, too:

Lots to do… have fun!!

De Novo in Palo Alto is a must!


Hi Felicity,

Looks like I will miss you in SF by only a couple days. There are two
venues with work worth going to see on Union Street, they are almost
across the street from one another:

Stuart Moore Gallery, 1898 Union Street San Francisco.
Union Street Goldsmith, 1909 Union Street, San Francisco.

Enjoy the city by the bay…

Michael David Sturlin

De Novo in Palo Alto is a must! 

Wow, that was a treat, taking a virtual trip around De Novo. It
features lots of my favourite jewellery artists! Thanks for posting
that, even though it was for someone’s specific request for places
to visit.


Hi Felicity!

My first suggestion was Velvet da Vinci, which you already know
about. If you get a chance, you can always go across the bay and
visit the town of Benicia. There are several glass blowing artists
there including world-famous Micheal Nourot. Here’s a link you might
want to check out:

Enjoy your trip!

Shirley Cook
Jumping Jack Glass

De Novo in Palo Alto is a must! 

Palo Alto’s not SF, depending on one’s time frame… Worth the trip
if you have the time… I remembered this, too:

It’s the local “counterculture” freebie… I use quotes because it’s
a relative term…

That will have the cool clubs and the quirky, arty things going on.
To say San Francisco is a big city is also a relative term. The core
of it is around the size of London’s Heathrow Airport (THAT’S a big
city). But there’s a lot to do and see…