[Jewelry Attractions] Florence

Hi All, I will be in Florence for a week, October 15-21. Are there
any special jewelry-type sites you recommend? Galleries, museums,
shows Shops, Suppliers, Other?

Tracy in Boston
Tracy Munn

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Do you mean Florence Italy? It is Firenze. If this is the case, be
sure and visit the Medici Chapel. It took about 500 years to complete
and is a master work of Pietra Dura, which is cut and inlayed stone.
It is incredible. Firenze is famous for this kind of work and the
Medici Cappelli is amazing. If you think those little table tops and
boxes are good this will blow you away. Also, the Pitti Palace has a
great collection of Silver vessels made in 16-19th century. Check out
the incredible bronze fountains near the orphanage and hospital. I
don’t remember the name but I mean the 16th century one. And last but
not least there is a large collection of badly documented Egyptian
art a little above the old part of the city. You can walk. It is near
the Botanical Garden. Very interesting to see ancient gold and beads

Buon viagga Dennis

I know for me, if I ever get to Italy, I will be making it to the
glass factories on the island of Murano in Venice. No way I’m going
there and NOT coming back with some glass art beads! My family just
shook their heads when I watched a travel show and the host visited
these places and said “Since glass doesn’t travel well, we won’t buy
anything here, we’ll save our money for…” and the rest was lost to
my yelling at the host telling him beads travel

just fine and that he was an… :slight_smile:

Hello, my name is Kerry and I am a glass addict…

CeltCraft Beads & Jewelry

Definitely go to the Natural History Museum: “La Specula” They have
an incredible collection of anatomical waxes from the 17 or 1800’s.
It is not far from the Pitti Palace on the same side of the Ponte
Veccio. You may have to ask, it’s hard to find and may be closed on

Also, the Museum of Science: unbelievable scientific and apothecary
instruments such as astrolabes and chemistry paraphernalia.

I know it’s not jewelry, but it shouldn’t be missed.

Have a great time!
Andy Cooperman

Back again with some of my prattling and rambling

The Ufizzi and Acedemia and worth the trip but I liked the Bargello,
Institute and Museum of the History of Science, and the Duomo Museum

Cellini’s work at the Bargello is great. I did an Art History paper
on Perseus. There is a bar across the Piazza della Signoria square
from the Perseus called the Perseus. Has a Perseus printed on the
napkins. Enough Perseus.

If you are flying into Firenze, there is a shuttle from the Firenze
airport to train station (spola dall’aeroporto alla stazione
centrale di treno) every 1/2 hour. Cost about 4 Euro.

Look for ‘arrivo, partenza’ arrival, departure times signs.

There is an booth in the train station and also one
across the street toward S. Maria Novella. A long stone building
with a door and a white sign with a blue i for le informazioni . Has
a good free map.

The central market, Piazza Del Mercato Centrale, is a few blocks
from train station. Probably not your best place to go first,
crowded busy streets full of vendor carts, leather and trinkets.
Inside the market building on first floor are delis (great olive,
mushroom and seafood salad), tripe sandwich bar, meat, cheese, fish,
and bread booths.

Second floor are fruit, veggies, mushrooms, etc. Great place for
pictures and experience of everyday life in Italian cities. Inside
building closes early so plan a morning visit. Lots of little cafes
and bars around market with good food at decent prices.

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Museum at

Want to see incredible wax work? Go to La Specola. Just beyond the
Pitti Palace (see the modern art there). Full anatomical studies in
colored wax. It has a web site.

Near Santa Maria Novella, Number 16 Via Delle Scala,is the Pharmacy
of Santa Maria Novella. Beautiful place. Started in the 16th century
by Dominican friars, this is more like a museum than a perfume shop.
Stocks an awesome range of perfumes, herbal elixirs and soaps based
on, of all things, vinegar.

There is a leather working school in the back of SanCroce.

Alchimia, Medici, and some other schools teach jewelery classes.

Nice little paper and book shops along the Arno near Ponte Vechio
and check the jewelery shops on the bridge.

Medici Palace is another good stop, as is the Academia for sculpture
and Ufficci for paintings.

I tried to get to the Harley Davidson shop to get a T-shirt but ran
out of time to catch train.

Mercato Centrale is a must. http://tinyurl.com/9thqt

When there I would get mushroom, mixed seafood, or olive salad,
fruit and maybe some bread and cheese in the morning after getting
off the train. Then wander through the city toward Michelangelo or
Boboli gardens for a lunch overlooking the city.

If you eating leans toward the adventurous try the
Lampredotto(tripe) or beef boiled in sauce panini in or around the
market. Delicious with a little glass of vino. Anything Wild Boar =96
Chinghiale =96 is excellent, sausage, sauce, grilled, prociutto =96
YUM!!! There was a sausage shop on a street between Mercato Centrale
and Duomo that had little stuffed boar dressed up and sitting at a
red/white checked table.

I would avoid the pizza by the piece places in the old
section(tourist area), not very good.

Check the museum schedules =96 many are closed Monday or Tuesday as
are the Cathedrals.

I was partial to the science museum


Has Galileo’s models of experiments and his middle finger on

(Get used to seeing body parts of Saints and famous people
reliqueries) Lots of old science tools, telescopes, and wood models
of the universe.

Piazza San Croce is where the leather school is located.

Take the time to climb up into the dome of the Duomo to get a close
look at the painting and Florence rooftops…

Gelato in Florence. Skip Vivoli tourist trap. Good but expensive and
crowded. Best place I found was Gelateria dei Neri, via dei Neri 20r,
a little street near Uffizi, Science Museo, and Palazzo Vecchio. Nice
pastries and a couple students that are here lived across the street
from it when they attended the Jewelry schools in Firenze. Nice
restaurant near intersection of via de Neri and via de Benci. I
remember three places there and it was the one in the middle. Gnocci
al tartufo, ravioli

2nd was La Bottega. Bright neon sign on the street that goes to
Ponte Vecchio.

Someone else has the same idea and wrote a website on them

Lots to see, do, eat and enjoy in Firenze.


There are a few schools that are worth seeing there too. Fuji
Studios, Lorenzo Di Medici, and Sacchi. You could find out where the
jewelry supply stores are from them I know there are a few. Although
when I studied there the instructors bought tools off of us because I
think they are pretty pricey. Silver solder there is darker than what
we use here so kkep that in mind. And metal in general is more
expensive. If you have questions you can contact me offline.

Hi Tracy,

I’m just back from Florence as it happens, and I have to say every
jewellery shop is a must see, if you like bold and elaborate,
Florence is the place to see it.

Check out the Pontevecchhio bridge, it is a bridge full of dazzling
jewellery shops, wear your shades!! each window bedazzles with gold
and precious stone creations.

If you like art deco, and 1920-30 styled jewellery, its all there. I
took some pictures of some amazing pieces, not to copy them, just to
be inspired!! and boy oh boy, they inspired me to create.

You will find quality jewellery everywhere in Florence.

I did see some jewellery galleries, they can be found on one of the
two main shopping areas, close to the Dormo, but I’m sure they can
be found in plenty in a city like Florence, “sorry” I didn’t get any
names. Just wander around and you wont be at a loss.

Have a great time !!

Dublin, Ireland