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[Jewelry Attractions] Favorites in Ireland

I’m off to Ireland. Am going to be in Dublin, Waterford, Killarney,
Silgo and Donegal. Any favorites I shouldn’t miss? Glenda

Hi Glenda, I had the pleasure of apprenticing under Desmond A. Byrne
in Kilkenny Design Workshops for may a year before I came to the US.
It’s in the grounds of the ninth century castle. Des is a wonderful
man and loves to meet new people and he is also a master silversmith
who has trained many of the leading gold or silversmiths who now
work in the town. Kilkenny is also known as the jewelry capital of
Ireland because of so many (real not retail) goldsmiths living and
working there. Its also the best preserved medieval city in Europe,
far more beautiful than Waterford. Check it out for yourself on the
many websites devoted to it beauty. Oh and if you do stop into Des’s
shop tell him I said hi and I’m sending him on some work soon, I
know he will laugh I promised him some this summer hehehe. Ask him
if you can see the names of all the apprentices that trained there,
they wrote them in chalk on the legs of the oak benches before they
left, most of them became renowned in their craft around the world
and some even hung up there shingle in town, my name is there too
and I aspire to them. Truly if you like innovative handmade jewelry
Kilkenny City will blow your mind. If you need any more help on
planning your trip contact me off Orchid. If you get us tickets
myself and my wife would be happy to show you around…

Ed Dawson
Maine Master Models

There is an excellent jewellery gallery in the Templebar area of
Dublin called the DesignYard. It is well worth a visit. Lots of
artists, and some really good work.

I’m a Jeweller who just moved to Ireland Co, Louth a town called
Drogheda about 38 miles north of Dublin give me a call when you get
here.Good luck . Dikran