[Jewelry Attractions] Australia

Hello All, I will be visiting Australia late October/early November.
I would love to hear from any of you that know of some interesting
places to visit. Unfortunately, I am somewhat constrained
budget-wise. I will be able to visit from Bundaberg south to Sydney.
I’m a water baby, so the Reef is my number one priority, but if
possible, I would like to see some jewelry galleries, aboriginal art,
mining, etc. Any ideas would be most appreciated!! I’m not yet
completely locked into the rail reservations/fares.


hello i am from australia. i live in perth, the opposite side to were
you are planning on going. australia has a crafts council in every
state so be sure to check out that. makers mark gallery in both
sydney and melbourne are both good specific jewellery galleries.
object gallery in sydney is also good. if you email me at
@Barbara_Cotter your email address, i could send an
electronic version of whats happening/happened in the states you are
visiting (as i am assistant editor for a small australian magazine
for jewellers) that will contain a list of galleries more
comprehensive than i can recall of the top of my head.


Greetings Cindy If your not going north of Bundaberg you’ll miss the
best parts of the Great Barrier Reef, but you may be able to do some
whale watching in Harvey bay.

Rainbow beach is a beautiful area (near Tin Can Bay), it has a large
variety of coloured sands. Gympie has a new mining project called
"Gympie Gold" which is gold in white quartz, I’m not sure if they
give tours but it is worth a try.

In Brisbane there is a good gallery of art, jewellery called
"Facinating Facets" this is in Margaret street.

But if you really want to see the reef come to Cairns, “where the
reef meets the rainforest”. (Yes that is an advertising blurb.)

Have a great holiday in our beautiful country
William Russell in sunny and dry Cairns.

If you dive, you will get the best part of the great barrier which is
underwater. There are cruises out of Cairns that will take you to the
most beautiful places, where you’ll see the corals, large quantities
of fish…unforgetable experience. It will give you a new deep
inspiration for your jewelry.