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[Jewelry Attraction] Bali

I am a metalsmith teacher who will be in Bali April 3 through 22,
mostly in the Ubud area. Are there any Orchid metalsmiths that I
could visit or chat with while there?

Dear DrGayleM: There was a wonderful article titled Business in
Paradise in the November 2000 edition of Lapidary Journal about Nina
Cooper. Phone 800-336-NINA, . She could be a
good contact for finding places to visit.

Have a great trip!!!

Lise, Miami, FL

The last time I was in Bali was four years ago. If you are
interested in silver jewelry and beads, hire an English speaking
driver and ask him to take you to the village of Celuk ( about 25
min. from Ubud). Everyone in the village is involved in silver work.
Just about every compound has a workshop and a showroom. You can
not imagine what wonderful work can be done with the least amount of
tools, by young boys. There are large, overpriced stores geared to
the tourist market, I would look but not buy there. Look up Junia
Silver (Selat Street in Celuk) they had some interesting stuff, and
ask them if you can see a workshop. The workshops I saw consisted of
3 to 4 tables with young boys(they have to have very good eyes) with
torches working on granulation. After spending a day in Celuk,
return to Ubud and go for a massage to the Ubud Sari Health Resort
(35 Jl. Kajeng) which is owned by Dr. James Taylor. Then wander
through the gardens of Hotel Puri Saren Agung (the former palace of
Ubud) which is across the street from a native market (buy spices
there for gifts). In the evening attend a performance of the Barong
Dance at the above Hotel. There are many galleries on the Main
Street of Ubud, one in particular impressed me (I also left some cash
there). The name of the gallery is Treasures. The designs here are
more contemporary and not the customary stuff you can find anywhere
in Ubud. Whatever you do, enjoy the people!

Mimi Grabis