[Jewelry Attraction]African

Hi Keith, Be wide awake in Johannesburg, crime (hi-jacking. robbery,
mugging, rape) is rampant in South Africa. Avoid african townships if
you can. Always stay in a group, better still if you have friends
there who can advise you. Please take precautions against cholera and

If I can remember there a shop called “Yardleys” close to the
Witwatersrand University which sold excellent rock mineral specimens.

Rock hunting in Mozambique? Thats new to me. If you know of anything
of interest in Maputo please tell me. The prawns there are O.K.

I would however suggest a trip to the Eastern Transvaal(Mpumulanga).
Pilgrims Rest (old gold mining town) a short distance from Sabie is a
must. There you could see the Bridal Falls, Mac-Mac Falls and the
Lisbon Falls. Not known to many, there is a gold mining stope entrance
immediately behind the Lisbon Falls. Practically on your route to
Maputo. Regards,