Jewelry Arts Institute in NY

Anyone ever been to the Jewelry Arts Institute in NY ? (B’wy between
77th & 78th). I see that it is run by one of my fellow (girlow ?)
Vassar grads named Bessie Jamieson. (We went to college together 12
years apart). They teach solely classical techniques which is just
up my alley. Their gallery of student work is magnificent. Check out

I attended the jewelry arts institute and liked it very much. The
classes are small and the teachers work one on one with you to
complete projects. I plan on going back there again to do another
class, maybe next summer. They are definately worth attending.

Augest Derenthal
Cry Baby Designs

Thanks, Augest. I think I’ll e-mail Bessie Masterson for more
details. Next summer may be a possibility for me too. Shoot, I used
to live right down the avenue in the Ansonia Hotel. Guess the school
didn’t exist then.

Studied there years ago. Learned granulation, chain making and lots
of other goodies in pleasant setting with nice people. I hope it’s
still the same.


They have what they call “summer intensives.” This is where they pack
a lot of projects and learning into a two or three (can’t remember
which) week timespan. I’ve never done it, but I’m thinking next year
to give it a try.

Augest Derenthal
Cry Baby Designs