Jewelry artist ripped off

Dear Orchidians,

Everyone who is thinking of dealing with a store or gallery should
read the article that Katherine P. has noted down below…A very
similar thing happened to me in my early years-late 1978. I, too,
was able to get back my money BUT that was after the place went out
of business, I sued in small claims & won, couldn’t locate the owner
but the nice people who bought her showcases told me of her current
employer,sent a letter to her & cc "d her supervisor and threatened
to attach her wages… Well, needless to say-“I was going to pay
you-I never meant to cheat you etc.” The check came several days
later… I was one of the few who either got paid or got the
merchandise back!!!

Be very careful of who you deal with–especially these days with
metals & overhead so expensive…You just can’t be too careful the se

Go Giants!!!
Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan from S.F. (-: