Jewelry artist needs advice on relocating

To Orchid, I am both a jeweler and a Mac computer tech/graphics
professional. I have been living in Norway for the past 13 years,
and was widowed a year ago. I am now planning to move back to the
United States with my two young daughters,10 and 4. I would like to
ask for some advice in relocating insofar as marketing my jewelry,
teaching filigree, placing my daughters in a good neighborhood and
school district. I would like suggestions, I am currently leaning
toward Pa., and/or Maryland, NJ, DE, VA, WVA. I have family just
outside of DC, but do not wish to expose my kids to the metropoliton
DC area on a permenant basis. I’ve looked a bit at the Altoona area
online. My children are used to living in a medium sized town which
is relatively safe.

I am looking to find work as well, preferably within the jewelry
field, design, production, teaching preferable over sales work. Am
also considering looking into the craft/jewelry show circuit, such as

I do prefer buying a home with workshop area, close to where I may
work either in jewelry or Mac computer fields. Though a rental home
would be a possibility to start with. I would appreciate any
to help in my final decision. I am hoping to move back
within the next 12 months at most. Feel free to look at my pages to
see what kind of work I do …it may help you come up with some

Best regards and thanks,
Jeanne Rhodes Moen
Kristiansand, Norway