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Jewelry and metal books

There has been a lot of talk about books on Orchid lately, so I
thought this might be an appropriate time to ask this question.
The newest page of our own web site is a selected list of books
we recommend about jewelry and metal
( Some titles are
linked to the Book Stacks bookstore. What I would like to add is
another list of books that other professionals on the Orchid
list recommend, sort of like a plebescite of the experts.

So here’s the question: if you were only allowed to own three
jewelry or metal books what would they be? I would like you to
consider such things as technical reference, design,
and inspiration. I would like the title, author, publisher and
date if possible. You can write to this list or email me
directly. Either way, I’ll keep score of the results to post
later, and also install the results at the above web page. Thanks
for your help.

Andrew Goss
email: @Goss_Design
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada