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Jewelry advertising

I am selling rings off a website, I don’t have a shop I just work
from home. Right now my only real advertising is Google Adwords,
Overture, and several jewelry directories. I am selling at a steady
pace, but I need to step it up and would like to try advertising
offline. I am wondering where would be a good place to start. I’ve
considered classified ads in newspapers, and the Enquirer (the
Enquirer has a huge circulation) but I’m curious if there are better
alternatives. My budget is a couple hundred $$. My target location
is the U.S. Wes

-Google AdWords

I’ve been looking into Googol Adwords, and find that I can’t make
head or tail of what the costs are,–it seems very complicated.
Could you tell us more about how it works, are you happy with it?
Does it keep your costs down to the maximum that you give them?
Anything else that would help me (us) decide whether it’s a good
venue? Many Thanks