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Jewelry 3D Model Marketplaces

Hi all,

We just launched our 3D Model Marketplace and we would love for anyone to try it:

We sell STL & 3DM of traditional and bespoke jewelry designs, perfect for 3D printing prototypes.

We would LOVE to hear your feedback on this marketplace to help us grow it in the right way and direction.

Some questions you can answer:

  • What designs did you like?
  • What were the designs you didn’t fancy?
  • What designs would you like to see more of?
  • Would you shop our jewelry 3D models and why?
  • Which search filters did you like or hate?

All feedback is welcomed!

Hi friends
very nice to see this website/marketplace. many other like cgtrader and many more already working and many thousand files already .
Do you also add some designers in your marketplace ? Most of the jewelers need custom designs . Do you provide custom designs ?
If you need designer who able to make custom designs contact me .

Thank you, Kapil,

At the moment we don’t have any contribution model, once this changes we will reach out to designers like you to add their portfolio. Meanwhile we would love to hear your feedback on our designs.

We do differ from other generic marketplaces given the fact we are a jewelry specific marketplace: A jeweler can filter designs by gem shape & size, jewelry category & style.

All designs are also available to order in the jeweler’s preferred file ring size, gem shape and size making our marketplace design-focused and minimizing the need for custom design and post purchase design modification.

In addition to the above, each design features a specification table that shows the design weight and gem specs to enable the jeweler to know exactly the amount of investment needed for the production of the design.