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Jewellery from Baby Teeth

Hello, I am a Certified Dental Assistant with a whimisical webpage
about the toothfairy and other dental links. I would like to link to a
site which features photos of jewellery made from children’s baby
teeth. (milkteeth) For example gold plated charms of real teeth or
necklaces etc. I know this was and still is a tradition in some
parts of the world. The only site I have located in the past, now
seems constantly under construction? It was in
Japanese I think, but the photos were fine! Maybe you would have the
resources to direct me to someplace or someone that might be able to
help me? I work in Orthodontics which requires wire bending and
detailed work as well, somewhat similar to jewellery making I
suppose? Thanks in advance. Somebody in a jewellery club
discussion group on Yahoo directed me to your site. It is a great
resource. Thanks in advance for your help.


I have a son with the toughest teeth that our dentist has seen and
yet when they sit around for awhile (this is after he’s lost them)
they fall to pieces. How can you make jewelry out of something so
fragil.? Just curious…Lisa