Jewellery classes


I took two classes at Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria, one
costing $180.00 for 9 days from 9:30 am to 3:00pm for
intermediate jewellery making. The second class was for stone
setting for beginners which cost $130.00 for six days, and again
from 9:30 am to 3:00pm. The student limit was 8 students per
class. Classrooms are extremely cramped with the four walls
filled with artists supplies and jewellery related tools, one
torch, one flex shaft, one clamp, one polishing machine and you
better learn to be DEMAND attention from your teacher otherwise
you just wasted your money.

I took another class from Blaine Lewis for advanced stone
setting and paid $450.00. He had a video showing all the detail
in setting stones which really helped. I never had to worry
about demanding attention from this teacher.

I also took a granulation course in Maryland college taught by
Douglas Harding. For two days the charge was $90.00.

Please send me E-mail in case I decide to take classes from you.

I hope the above helps. If you need to get a current catalog
from Torpedo Factory to see what they charge, I can give you the


Hi Surbhi,

I haven’t read anything other than your letter I’m responding to
but I did want to tell you about another school. It’s located in
San Francisco and called : Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. The
owner Alan Revere (no relation to Paul ) is EXCELLENT. I’ve
taken a class from him and I just can’t say enough nice things
about him. The address is: 760 Market Street, Suite 900, San
Francisco, CA 94102, tel: 415\391-4179 Fax: 415\391-7570.

Good luck,

Hi Susie,

What did you learn at the Revere Academy? After the course at
Topedo Factory which covered the brooch pin and the box clasp, I
just went out and bought Alan Revere’s book and did few of the
excersices from the book. This helped me, since I make bracelets
which needs hinges and the box clasp. Lately I have also been
practicing some of the techniques printed in the GZ magazine.
But please tell me what projects you worked on, so I can put this
for future classes.