Jewellery Business

Hi all,

My wife and I own a retail/manufacturing outlet in St Maarten.( a
Dutch/French island in the Caribbean.) I design and make all my own
jewellery which tends to lean towards the “art” side and that is
where I make my money.

However, often people walk in who want more traditional diamond
jewellery and most times I cannot help them. This is something I
would like to avoid in the coming high season.

With that in mind, I am looking for a supplier who can initially
supply us with good quality gold and diamond jewellery on a
consignment basis from November this year to January next year. My
idea is that, when any jewellery sells it is paid for at the end of
that month, and another identical piece is purchased outright at the
same time. We would like to deal with suppliers in the USA and it
would be an added bonus if they are Orchid members. St Maarten is a
duty free island and so there is no import tax and transfer of
payments is straightforward.

Anybody interested or knows of someone who might be interested in
doing business?

To see what our shop looks like go to
contact And then click on the “store
picture” button.

Cheers, Hans Meevis