Jewellery attractions France and Italy

I shall be in Paris and southern France and driving down to Rome. i
am aware of Alternative gallery in Rome can any one help with other
contemporary galleries or Museum collections that are a must see.
Thanks David

David - Last time I was in Paris (about 7 years ago) there was a
wonderful contemporary jewelry gallery in the 14th - Gallerie Helen
Puree I believe. Address is 31 rue Daguerre. There were wonderful
pieces from all over Europe. Sheridan Reed

David, if you can take the short train trip to Florence, the “Ponte
de Vecchio” (not sure on spelling) is definite must see. this bridge
over the Arno river is home to an old group of jewelers. if i had the
time to find my pics i would post them. not only the jewelry was
magnificent but the gem carvings (one of my favs) were phenomenal (a
fish carved from a solid chunk of tourmaline comes to mind). if you
do get to florence, try to see the “Acedemia”(again sp?), that were
Mike’s “David” is and the emerging sculpture by it are really
intriguing. andrew goodell

While in Rome you really should see the Etruscan museum. It is
outstanding although I can’t tell you the address. You should easily
be able to find out where it is. It is in an huge old mansion and
houses the most remarkable collection. Give yourself lots of time to
enjoy it.

Sharron in K.L. where it is getting hotter each day now that the
rains are getting less frequent.

The Etruscan Museum in Rome is in the Villa Giulia:

In Florence just down the street from the Pont du Vecchio is the
Pitti Palace, has a Silver Museum: And a little farther is the
MUSEO ZOOLOGICO “LA SPECOLA” with incredible anatomical wax work: (Skip the tourist trap
gelato at Vivoli and find the little Gelateria dei Neri (via dei Neri
20r) near Palazzo Veccchio and Uffizi.) Palazzo Strozzi sometimes has
a jewlery exhibit and their bookstore has books of previous exhibits.

From Florence toward Rome is Arezzo. Has the largest gold jewelry
factory in Italy and many small factories and jewelry artists.
Supposed to be over 230 tons of gold used in Arezzo per year. If you
get to Arezzo first weekend of the month there is an antique market
that fills the city center:
Arezzo (Try the Ribolitta
at Il Saraceno)