Jewellers Without Borders

you all gotta read this, happened this week and finished last night!

I lady wrote to me from Houston,Texas do I know of an
antique-appraiser in Houston? I’m here in Toronto knowing of a
guy down in the States?..well, I searched through my other
web-forums and no reply…tried again! …to make a story shorter. I
got a reply…found an antique appraiser in her very same city
…Houston…this name came from a contact in Florida…cute,eh?

She is to make contact with him today…the reason is, my name and
the manufacturers name are the same…“LEWY Brothers” from Chicago,
circa 1922…no relation, but these two fellows died on the
"HMS-Titanic" she originally asked if I was related or knew the of
them. Family heirloom stuff !

To make a moral of this great little story…we now are jewellers
from everywhere, dealing with everywhere…and helping
everyone, everywhere…lets keep it going!

I’m gonna be in Houston on a seminar with Bradney Simon, 3 hour demo
on Pave’ setting October 15th. We are all going to meet each other
and be amazed. you wanna join ‘us’???

This lady told me both her Parents died in one week. Her Dad died on
the same day her Mom was to be buried. I can share her experiences
on this, personally, so now she has lots to appraise…:>( Gerry