Jewellers in North Carolina

Hi everybody. I feel a bit odd doing this on the Orchid list,
but I’m sure the moderator will kindly fit me in the appropriate
place so I don’t annoy anyone. :slight_smile:

Due to circumstances beyond my control (we’ve all had some of
those) it is likely that I’ll have to leave my program at the end
of this year to go live with relatives in North Carolina. I am
just rounding out the end of my first year, of a two year
program, although I’ve already practiced most of the second year
techniques on my own. One of my professors recommended trying to
find a jeweller to study with, even just learning more
techniques on the side while polishing or doing ring sizing or

If you know of someone, or are someone, who might have some
suggestions/offers for me, please contact me off list at . I really love jewellery and want to keep
up with it.Thank you very much. -Kieran

What part of NC are you going to be living in. I have several
friends that are true jewelers and myself I cut gemstones and do
casting, wax carving, and build pieces from the raw material to
finished goods. I although am no master: but I am not in the
retail business ; it is really just an expensive hobby to me; but
it allows me the freedom to create and that I am thankful for. So
I can get into the millgrain and pave type work that production
jewelers sometimes don’t have the time for. In other words let me
know where you are going to be and I will assist you to the best
of my abilities.

Dana M. Reynolds, csmg email;

North Carolina is not completely without places to study
jewelry. You talk about it like it’s purgatory. : ) Unless I
have confused my Carolinas, Penland School is there, with a
fabulous set of courses, and likely you can take them for college
credit as well. Arrowmont is also nearby in Tennessee, if you
can get away for a week or two each summer and spring. They
have college credit through the University of Tennessee.

The challenge of getting hired as apprentice is: does one have
enough skill to be of any use? Or are you even looking for work?
Perhaps you’re looking for a teacher.

I would say, try those things, and buy your own tools, set up
your own shop, and challenge yourself, set up your own course of