Jewellers Apprenticeship in Sydney - hard to find..?

I’d like to make note of the difficulty in finding an employer who is
willing to take on apprentices. But i’d also like to note the
friendliness and warmth of some jewellers I have met in my quest to
gain an apprenticeship. Today I met a wonderful man named Phillip
Steele. He spent around 20 minutes with me “shootin the breeze” as
I’d like to put it. He also took the time to urge me not to give up
and pursue the dream, I also met some colleagues of his and I find
myself now more and more, wanting into the industry. It gives me
hope to keep on with my goal. I have found that ‘Jewellers’, as a
whole, are a good bunch of people. I currently manage an elecrical
appliance retail store and have contact with all sorts of people, and
I can say that the ‘jeweller’ is generally a kind and supportive
person, and this is so rare these days. I have come across some who
would like to dismiss me instantly for whatever reason. I’m ok if you
don’t want an apprentice for whatever reason, but courtesy would be
nice. especially in such a small, close-knit industry. I thank those
who have greeted me kindly, and I really, honestly hope to work with
you in the future.

Kind Regards

Can certainly be tricky in this part of town Ben, I know of people
knocking on doors of 100+ jewellers looking for an apprenticeship!
Where in Sydney are you located? Are you currently enrolled in any
courses? Roughly how old are you?

Things pop up now and again. If I hear of anything I’ll be sure to
let you know. Don’t give up, there is certainly something out there
for you.