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Jeweller sites that deserve an Orchid

Fellow Orchidians,

I don’t know about the rest of you but I love looking at great
jewellery websites, particularly those of “artisan” jewellers by
which I suppose I mean small shops that do great things.

I imagine that some day there might be an award for such sites, kind
of like our version of the Oscars. I think the awards would be called
’The Orchids’ and these are a few deserving nominees, IMHO, in no
particular order:

Krikawa Jewelry Designs at,
Lisa Krikawa

Nominated for Best Original Designs, Best Mixed Metals Designs
and Most Inspiring Use of Traditional Techniques.

Wes & Gold at,
Wesley Glebe

Nominated for Best Original Designs, Best Mixed Metals Design,
Best Alternative Metals Design and Best "Industrial Vibe"
Designs, also nominated for the “Way Cool!” Award for
outstanding original work in an under-explored aesthetic.

Hammerworks at,
Melina Hammer

Nominated for Best Original Designs, Best “Tres Funk” Designs,
and Best “Nouveau Art Deco” Designs, also nominated for the
"Dah-ling You Look Mah-velous!" Award for cool looking things
that you’d like to see your lover wear to a really big bash.

James Binnion Metal Arts at,
James Binnion

Nominated for the Golden Hands Lifetime Achievement Award for
exceptional research and craftsmanship in a specific
speciality of the jewellery arts.

Anni22k at,
Ann Biederman

Nominated for the Living Past Award for outstanding work that
brings the jewellery arts and styles of the past to life.

Abrasha Contemporary Jewelry Design at,

Nominated for Best Original Designs, Best Mixed Metals Design,
and Best Creative Interpretation of Traditional Gems and

Akash Jewels at,

Nominated for the Creator of Legacies Award for outstanding
technical and creative skills leading to the birth of instant

Daniel Gibbings Jewelry at,
Daniel Gibbins

Nominated for The Olympian, the award for the creation of
jewellery that looks like a gift from the Olympian Gods and
Godesses themselves, also Nominated for the Living Past Award.

Karen Olsen Ramsey at,
Karen Olsen Ramsey

Nominated for Best Original Designs in a Traditional Style,
Best Mixed Metals Design, Most Inspiring Use of Traditional
Techniques, also nominated for the Living Past and Creator of
Legacies Awards.

Needless to say this could go on for a while but I’m sure you get the
idea: fabulous work by these and many other gifted craftspersons and
artists that would receive our highest honours and respect if we had
the opportunity to do so. Until that happy day I wish them all great
success and happiness for fine work beautifully done.

Trevor F

Hi Trevor,

What a great idea to share favorite jewelry sites! I collect them
as well, so here are a few of my favorites to check out:

Sergey Jivetin:
Best use of watch hands and a fabulous website.

Michael Zobel:
Great designs, great married metals, great stones.

Namu Cho:
Outstanding graphic elements and use of Damascus steel.

Carly Wright:
Unusual, geometric use of enamels.

Tom Herman:
Superb use of architectural forms, engraving, stones.

Marilyn Druin:
Amazing enamel work (from an artist who died too young). (Slow to
load but worth the wait.)

Kevin Ard:
Interesting designs, granulation, mechanisms and website.

Candace Stolley (Bindu Jewelry):
For lovers of the ornate and romantic.

Prix Golay competition:>
Pearls in unusual designs by young jewelers. (Tab through the
various years of Winners and Creations; the site’s a pain but there
are some real gems to see.)

Enjoy, Beth

I love great sites as well, I like these

Bye now, Holly