Jeweller in New Jersey or New York

I made this bangle for a customer about seven years ago.

It’s one of those bangles that uses two screws to hold it together.

The screws have over the years been damaged and now she needs new
ones made.

Does anybody know of a jeweller that is competent in making some new
screws and possibly reaming the female part of the threads out?

The threads are M2 standard.

She lives in Bloomfield in New Jersey but she would quite happy to
travel to New York.

Sending the bangle over to Europe invokes the customs bureaucracy,
endless form filling and transport costs of upward EU300.

I include a picture of the screw as well.

Cheers, Hans


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Hi Hans,

Why not just send her a new set of screws? The mechanism doesn’t
look like there’s anything weird in there. Am I missing something?


i am a machinist and a jewelry maker, silversmith, live near
bloomfield, could make the screws (gold?, brass? and retap the
holes if you don’t figure it out, or pin them with studs and eoxy, i
work in union, my phone is 9082672985, email
[@dp1], david