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[Jewelesoft] For inventory control

are there any recommendations for software for inventory control. i
have a retail business and wholsale manufacturing. i need to
inventory jewelry i buy, pieces i manufacture, stones, findings,and a
way to track repairs? has anyone used jewelesoft? thanks, richard

I buy from a gold bullion supplier that works with a program called,
Jewels 2000 by LogicMate in Los Angeles. Contact name: Rachel
Cabrera (213) 623-4422 Fax: (213) 623-1425 or The software is very user friendly. And all
modules are included in the price (apprx 2500. cheap for what you
get). After reviewing lots of jewelry software, some as much as
$45,000, I’m seriously thinking about making the plunge over to
LogicMate package to replace my PeachTree accounting program. It’s
real strong on my manufacturing needs which Im looking for; but they
do have an optional retail module.20

I am not affiliated with the company. Also, if you really want a
good list of jewelry inventory software firms, check out this link
which will pull up a pdf file list of firms researched by jewelers

If you’re going to JCK Vegas I think LogicMate has a booth…

Best of Luck…Steve in Hawaii

Richard- I have only used Jewelsoft. Although I hesitate to speak
foully of anyone or anything, there is not much ggod to say about
Jewelsoft. You will get what you pay for, in the end. As I am just
starting my own store I will stay with something simple like
quickbooks for a while. When it comes down to inventory tracking and
such you will need to spend a bit of green to get well-thought out
and well-crafted software. Ben Silver

Hi Richard,

This month’s issue of Lapidary Journal has a great article by
Suzanne Wade that touches on this subject exactly. While she doesn’t
do an in-depth review of the software, she does present four
different software solutions, including pricing, contact info, etc.
Since you’re addressing this question yourself, sounds to me that a
copy of the magazine would be a good investment.

All the best,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

A. Don’t buy Jewelsoft

B. I’ve used Jewelry Shopkeeper for years: Has POS, inventory & customer
tracking and job tracking. It’s about $2200 complete but they now
sell it in parts. You can buy one module and not another (like
accounting). You can get strted for as little as $400.

David Geller

I would recommend Quik Books Pro . It should do most everything you
are looking for. It’s simple and should be easy to get help if you
run into a jam.

  I would recommend Quik Books Pro . 

I would not. Sorry, Etienne, I hate to contradict you! I found its
inventory capability to be quite limited. More oriented to acquiring
a product at a particular cost and reselling it at another price. It
does not have the ability to allow one to take Inventory Item 1 and
combine it with Inventory Item 2 to create a new Inventory Item 3,
and handle all the quantities correctly.

Fortunately I was able to take my copy back to the vendor and get a
refund. All I lost was the time spent trying to adapt my business to
the way the software worked. Most jewelry folks with whom I’ve
discussed this issue were in agreement with me.

To each his own?


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

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I would not normally knock a software program too hard, but I can
tell you from my own personal experience and the experience of MANY
other jewelers…AVOID JEWELSOFT. Lack of support, and not honoring
the guarantees are a couple of recurrent problems. There are a
number of Attorney’s General actions pending against this company. Of
course, your mileage may vary…


Quickbooks Pro is a great accounting program but leaves a lot to be
desired as an inventory control program. I have been using MYOB for
about eight years now and find it to be the best of the off the
shelf programs for inventory. You can use the “build” function to
assemble an item from other items in your inventory. The biggest
problem I ran into with it was me. I would not get the inventory
entered and would attempt to sell it and the system wouldn’t let me
as there were none in stock. As I was also using it as a POS
system, it could cause some harry moments. I found that if you
really want inventory control, you have to be prepared keep it up to
date. This will be true for which ever software package you use


Hi, I have used Jewelsoft for 3 years. I have had very few problems
with it. I use it for invoices,stock customer database and vendors.
you can do alot with it. It does have its drawbacks because it runs
in DOS. But if you don’t need fancy pulldowns and alot of colors and
memory gobbeling apps then your’ll love it. It is all about the
numbers. It’s greatest feature is the data entry shortcuts and user
friendly help screens. The owner of the company, Neil is a great guy
and very helpful. He knows the program and will walk you through any
quirk that develops. You can make it as complicated or simple as you
want. Because it’s in DOS, it runs lightning fast and doesn’t take
up alot of space. A new Windows version is comming out soon I’ve
been told. Jonathan Stember

I agree with Don’s post about MYOB. Its inventory section is far
better than Quickbooks with more flexibility and greater range of
options, BUT as he said you do need to update inventory every time
you receive or ship out. If you can keep it up to date you shouldn’t
have any problems other than the occasional “building” of the odd,
one of a kind item.


I have been using SmartAccounting for my design/fabrication business
for a while now and find it to be well worth the money for both
accounting and inventory purposes. I can pull items in from
inventory, prepare an estimate or final invoice and everything moves
smoothly between the folders. It has accounting from general ledger
to full reports (also handy since I can do it by “best sellers”, a
real boon) as well as keeping track of my quarterly sales tax
reports, even allowing me to enter different rates for out-of-state

I have no relationship with this company except for as a satisfied
user - and the best part is that it is only $59, a real bargain after
I researched the various programs available. Their web address is

Susan Chenoweth
C Gems
Original Designs and Custom Jewelry

New to orchid list.

I would like some help from users of Jewelsoft.

We tried jewelesoft during a “Trial” period worked out with the
owner. We use windows 2000 and had some compatibility problems and
the software was not for us. So,… We called, got authorization to
return the software and have left over 25 messages with their
"answering service". We have contacted the Florida state attorney
general, JCK, JA, AGS and hired an attorney. The authorities are
closing in on this operation.

Anyone willing to help who has an open line of communication with
this man would be a great help to us. He owes us $300 that we paid
for his software that he has signed for being returned.

Sterling VanDerwerker CG, GG, NAJA
Royal Diadem Jewelers
2130P New Garden Road
Greensboro, NC 27410
336 288-7211

Your Email is a duplicate…

Same email from jewelers from the past 5 years. Bad program, the man
sells with a promise he has never kept. Too bad the word can’t get

Write it off as bad debt. You’ll never get your money.

David Geller

Check out DacEasy Accounting by Sage Software, Inc. at . Quickbooks and Peachtree to DacEasy are
like chalk to cheese.

As an accountant who has experience using both Quickbooks and
Peachtree DacEasy is far superior. Its Assembly feature allows your
business to build products (finished goods) from individual
components. DacEasy will adjust your inventory levels accordingly,
decreasing the on hand value of each component and increasing the on
hand value of each finished good.

DacEasy also has Point of Sale, Order Entry, Job Costing and Payroll
modules which can be added. For the cost I think it is a good buy. I
bear no relationship with DacEasy. I am just a satisfied customer.


Has anyone used Filemaker Pro? I’ve been using that for my
invoicing and inventory, it a somewhat complicated program but it
works. I’ve still a few glitches I hope to find time to work out. –
Lisa Hawthorne @Lisa_Hawthorne

    Has anyone used Filemaker Pro?  I've been using that for my
invoicing and inventory, it a somewhat complicated program but it
works.  I've still a few glitches I hope to find time to work out.
-- Lisa Hawthorne 

A couple of months ago I finally broke down and purchased FileMaker
Pro. I have been working with computers since the late '70s and have
always been very good at knowing what a computer SHOULD be able to
do. I have tried a few programs and was never happy with them for
one reason or another. My pay-the-bills job is as a graphic artist,
and my gem carving business pays for itself. I wanted an accounting
program that I could use for both. With Filemaker I have been able
to set up Solutions (modules) that do what I want (mostly - still
polishing the programming). This includes inventory (some of which
is assembled and subassembled and some is created whole), time
keeping (push the button and the timer starts and can handle working
past midnight which I generally do), estimates, work orders, and
invoices. While this is not an ideal plan for those who don’t want
to do their own programming their are also some commercially
available modules for sale that can often be personalized for your
won business as part of the purchase price. Other strengths of
FileMaker include its ability to do Web Publishing (you can have
your catalog placed on your website including realtime inventory)
and its use as a general Database. I have a several work related
databases that I can synchronize with my PDA so that I always have
with me on stones, purchase histories, birthstone and
anniversary info, as well as not-quite so work related like area
codes (changes almost monthly) and NPR programs in North America.

Epaul Fischer
Gryphon Song Creations