Jewelery with Oregon Sunstone and Oregon Fire Opal

Here are a few pieces I’ve had put together (I design, but have someone else do the heavy lifting). Please share your thoughts. The stones are self mined Oregon Sunstone and Oregon Fire Opal that I sell.


Lovely design and nice stones.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but…
You need to find a more skilled and professional stone setter and mounting maker. The mounting is really rough and not symmetrical and the bezels are really ragged.
If you are located in the pacific NW I can guide you to better jewelry makers.

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The stones are lovely. I do like the design.

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I’ll keep that in mind. I’m certainty no expert in jewelry, my skills are in bringing stones out from the ground, though i do belive i have a good eye for design, I’m clearly no expert.

I worked with a jewler overseas to keep costs down. Unfortunately the price I’d have to charge using a US based jewler would ad an additional zero to the end.

I appreciate your honest words and will advise my jewler to take more care with his work.

If you’d be able to pass word along to jewlers who might be interested in Oregon Sunstone, I’d love to be a resource for them.

Thank you