Jewelery Insurance

I’ve noticed that several folk have been asking about insurance
lately, particularly health and jewelers block. It should be noted
that Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) offers both
kinds of insurance for our members. I’m not sure how our rates stack
up against any regional programs that might be in place, but we offer
free quotes, so it’s worth giving our membership department a jingle
at 800-444-6572.

As far as health insurance is concerned, we have programs in place
for larger compnanies down to 1-2 person shops.

I know a little bit more about our Jewelers Block coverage. The
biggest advantage is that we offer unattended automobile coverage.
Most carriers will not write that coverage at all and the few that do
charge a rather high additional premium. Our unattended auto comes at
no additional cost. The carrier we use is Kemper Insurance Company,
an A Rated, Domestic Carrier. Our policy offers various payment plans
with a minimal charge of $5.00 per installment. We include coverage
for traveling sales people, exhibitions, and shipments made via
certified mail or specified carrier.

Hope you’re all doing great,
John Harvey