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I have been getting email from “Cindy Edelstein” at I am passing the info. along to Orchid,
since she claims to provide lots of resources for jewelers, including
mailing lists.

Do any of you in the Orchid family have any feedback on


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David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Here is my input, sorry it has taken awhile from the original
request. First of all Cindy Edelstein is a good friend, so I am
undoubtedly biased. I have known her through the industry for at
least 15 years. That being said, I think Cindy has done so much for
the jewelry industry and for jewelry designers specifically. She has
her fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the industry and its
impact for the designer.

Cindy started out as an editor for JCK then moved on to organizing
the Design Center for the Las Vegas JCK show and the AGTA Design
byDesign at the Tucson show. Cindy also has her own jewelry show
Global Design that runs concurrently with the Rosen show and
highlights international and national jewelry designers.

I know from personal experience that the Jewelers Resource Bureau
which Cindy and her husband, Frank Stankus (former editor for the NY
Times) is a warehouse of business and marketing
opportunities for jewelry designers both established and emerging.

I highly recommend anyone interested in this source to go to

Marlene Richey
Richey Jewelry Gallery
15 Wharf Street
Portland, ME 04101