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Jewelers who are willing to recycle old gold

Ethical Metalsmiths receives many inquiries from visitors to our
website from couples seeking gold wedding bands that reflect their
values. They want assurances that the gold they buy has been
responsibly sourced. We regularly hear from people who would like to
recycle old jewelry or reuse gold with sentimental value for their
wedding rings. They ask us if we know of jewelers who would be
willing to design and make their rings from the gold they supply.

Because the independent certification process is still a year or

in the future, we have established a database and hope to connect

people who contact us with jewelers who are willing to redesign or
recycle a customer’s old gold. Several have told us that retail
jewelers they approached have been unable or unwilling to do it.

By willing we mean if, in your professional judgment, it is
reasonable and feasible and of course mutually agreeable. We will
only make referrals and will not make any representation of quality
or guarantee that the jeweler will provide a service. In addition,

will explain to prospective customers that our referral is not an
endorsement of the environmental or social performance of the
jeweler, and all details of the transaction will need to be
negotiated directly by the parties involved.

At this time we do not plan to publish the list. Instead, we will
simply maintain a database and refer people who contact us to a
jeweler or jewelers in their area.

If you are willing to consider using the customer’s gold to make
wedding rings, and would like to be on the Ethical Metalsmiths WJ
Referral List, follow this link and send your contact
or, contact us with further questions.


Susan Kingsley
Ethical Metalsmiths

Hi Susan,

I also get this request on a regular basis. My initial attempts to
just remelt and rework customers’ gold have been fraught with
difficulties. The solution I have found is Precious Metals West. They
will refine any size lot of jewelry and return to me the 24kt content
of that exact lot. This is not an economical solution so for
customers looking to save a few dollars this is not an answer but for
those with a sentimental desire to include great grandmas gold in
their wedding rings or some such - this is a viable option.

PM West just raised their refining minimum to $100 so like I said
this is not an economical solution for a couple with a few rings they
want to re-use - but it is one option to offer customers.