Jewelers using Jewelcad and the Sanders ModelMaker

Fred Betlock is a jeweler in Minnesota using Jewelcad and the
Sanders ModelMaker. His business is the retail trade. He is not
a manufacturer, he builds one model at a time. From very complex
to very simple models. He produces finished jewelry in one day.
He designs the ring and builds it on the Sanders machine and
hands a custom piece to his customer the following day.

Fred has 2 people working for him and he plans on opening
another retail store with another Sanders ModelMaker.

He has become very competetive and he’s making money. It
doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to compete with
Nieman Marcus, Service Merchandise, Filene’s, etc. If you were
producing the entire model, instead of just reselling the model
you purchased, you too would become more profitable.

The system, leased, would cost approximately $1600 per month.
If you only did one piece per day, you would be making a
significant amount of revenue. We’ve estimated 8 rings per month
easily pays for the system, anything over that is gravy.

Mom and Pop shops can afford this system, take a closer look.

Send Fred an email and find out how he does it. He makes money
designing and building jewelry, so if it takes him a little
longer to respond to your inquiry, be patient.