Jewelers saw frame

Hi. I am Cary Maassen from Mason City, Iowa - Heartland of the USA.
Several years ago my wife and I visited relatives at Schslewig and
it was special to have a chance to visit the Viking Museum at the
Hattibul. I was awed by the gold jewelry that I saw there. Even
something as “simple” as the earliest safety pin made me wonder if
they didn’t have a drawplate.

Your note about the old English Morris jewellers saw reminded me of
an old saw that a friend purchased for me at auction. It and several
other items were together and had been nondescriptly identified on
the sale bill as “old jewelry tools”. I did use the saw some and
found it to be quite pleasant. I put it away - hoping someday to
learn more about it and had forgotten about it until I read your
message. I am not aware of any sources for on antique
jewelers equipment and had (until this moment) never thought about
it. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever seen a thread on Orchid
about old equipment so am going to send this in. If you or anyone
has any help on researching old tools I would be interested. Cary
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