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Jeweler's modeling wax

I am having a difficult time finding jeweler’s modeling wax. I have
not been working in casting for many years but in the past I used wax
that was formed into various lengths and gauges 1/2 round for ring
shanks and full round, square lenths and various guages formed pieces
about 3-4 inches long. I used some “sheet” thype pink wax to cut for
the backs of stone mountings or to build from.

If anyone knows of a good vendor for this or has a suggestion please
write to me Thanks

The Contenti company has a full line of carving wax in their catalog
and on their website. gesswein and Rio also has
them, but i don’t know if it’s on their website. Daniel Grandi We do casting & finishing in
gold,silver, brass/bronze and pewter for people in the trade.

Robin, Visit the web site