Jeweler's Bench on a Budget

I immediately wrote to them but it has been three weeks already
and I'm getting that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.  My
previous dealings with this company have all been good. I have just
mailed them a second letter but am getting worried because of their
silence. I'm open for any insights. 

Well, Mark, if their silence continues, you could write to them that
you have shared your worries with a list that has over 5,000
jewelers/metalworkers/lapidarists, etc., many of whom have students
and know lots of other folks, and that you really would like to tell
the list about a happy outcome to this problem, rather than having
unfortunate about the company sit in the Archives
indefinitely. (Or something like this – I don’t know if there are
any potential legal problems anywhere with this approach.) LOL Judy