Jewelers apoxy

I received the following message from someone viewing my web page. I
am not sure what the best epoxy for his needs would be but I thought
someone on the list might be able to help. Please reply to him
personally at: since he is not
subscribed to Orchid. Thanks. Steve.

Hello, I’m looking for an epoxy resin used on the underside of
a mans ring. I am using this to adhere an odd shaped stone in a
silver ring. The jeweler I have been using can no longer find
the epoxy. I’m not even sure of its name but it seems common in
the jewelry industry. Can you help?? The stone is actually a
very strong magnet I use to open the doors and lower the lift in
my handicap van. The magnet activates an electric switch on the
outside of the vehicle. This has been a good tool (ring) for
year but now need to be replaced.

	Thank in advance,
	Hugh Meixell
	610 459-9577