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Jeweler photos for advertising?

Do you need a picture of a jeweler working for advertising?

Today I received an email from
that they have pictures of craftsmen. So I went to their site and
typed in their search box JEWELER. Low and behold 4 or more pages of
jewelers (men and women) that you can buy and download. Depending
upon the size you need they are very inexpensive. With iStockPhoto
you buy “credits” and use credits to purchase then download. I
bought a picture of a woman using an eye loupe for my postcard and
paid $9.

They have pictures of diamonds, loose gems, jewelry, everything. Go
take a look.

Here’s the link for the page of jewelers working and below is a
screen shot of a portion of the page

David Geller
Director of Profit

Thanks David!

Wow. What a resource!! I have needed that sort of thing many

Thanks again for sharing!!