Jeweler lookin for top notch work

Hello all. I am an experienced professional looking for work. I have
5 years experience of independent wholesale jewelry repair work for
Zales, Gordons, Friedmans, etc. Many of my accounts are for Friedmans
Inc., which, in case you don’t know is in the process of filing Ch.
11 bankruptcy. I have had several checks bounce from Friendmans, as
have many others that do work for that company. They had 8 million
dollars worth of checks bounce within the last week. I am skeptical
whether I will ever be paid for work I have done, and I have plenty
of money and time tied up in this work (the whole Christmas season

I have decided to put my skills on the market for employment. I do
an average of 30-50 repairs a day. I am a very efficient, hard
working, self-motivated individual who is willing to relocate for the
right position and pay. I would be glad to do any repairs as a test
of my quality of work as a prerequisite to employment. I often get
odd repairs from stores whose jewelers were not capable/willing to do
the challenging repairs. I repair anything that can be repaired /sized
/ etc. I was taught by an independent master of the trade 25 years+.
Not that it matters, I also have 2 bachelors degrees, Health, and
Electrical Engineering; from Austin Peay State, and Tennessee
Technological University respectively.

I have numerous references from all the top retail companies. I am
willing to talk about employment or indepedent repair work. If
employed, I would likely continue to service some of my valued
accounts, unless the volume of the employer exceeded my current
volume. I have done very well as an independent jeweler, and require
an adequate salary if employed…otherwise, I will just pick up some
more non-Friedmans accounts and continue on.

I am experienced in about everything in the trade with the exception
of casting and laser welders. My business is fast, reliable, quality,
wholesale jewelry repair. I am very interested in learning casting,
but honestly have never put forth the capital for the equipment
neccesary to do it.

If you are a high volume store looking for top notch repair work I
am willing to relocate for the right pay. If you own/manage a store
looking for top notch independent repair work, please contact me.

Josh Dowlen

Good Morning Josh,

I tried to call you at 931-220-1990, but could not seem to get
through. My name is Vic Davis, and I am a recruiter in the jewelry
industry. Specifically, I help jewelers and watchmakers find
positions in the retail jewelry industry. All of our fees are
employer paid, and we work nationwide.

I currently have a few positions for a top-notch repair and setting
jeweler I am working on (one happens to be in TN), and would
appreciate the opportunity to visit with you to see if they might be
anything of interest for you. I’ll continue to try to reach you by
phone Josh, but please feel free to call me as well.

Thank you,
Vic Davis
Vic Davis & Associates, Inc.
Springfield, MO
1-866-650-6400 (toll-free)