Jeweler joke

okay people, just returned from a show and decided to send a jeweler
joke since the quality hasn’t gone up in my absence - this one won’t
skew the curve:

a pushy, arrogant young guy (more of an advanced teenager) went into
a small jewelry store and asked to see some of “your cheapy stuff”.
the jeweler/owner, having seen a few like this one, smiled to
himself and put some trays of small inexpensive pieces on the
counter for the young guy. pawing his way through the trays the guy
went on at length to describe that he was buying a little bauble for
a real hot date he had lined up that night. “these are too much for
this babe, i think i can get her goodies without putting out as much
as this stuff”, all the while going on about what he planned to do
with his young lady prey. so again the jeweler reached under the
counter and pulled out a couple of trays, these were really crummy
charms, chains - things that had been dumped into the trays over the
years as one step up from the wastebasket. the young guy picked out
one of the cheapest charms’, paid and left. that evening the guy went
to pick up the ‘hot date’. after meeting both parents he started
describing the tent revival he was taking the daughter to that
evening and insisting that the parents accompany them. finally
convinced that the guy wasn’t going to accept ‘no’ for an answer the
parents went off to get their jackets. as soon as they were out of
the room the girl turned a puzzled look on the guy and said “gee, i
never knew you were so religious.” the guy snapped with a disgusted
frown “and i never knew your old man was a jeweler!” ive laughter is
an option, not a requirment.