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Jeweler jobs

As a recruiter in the retail jewelry industry, I am finally pleased
to report that a few good jobs with competitive pay and benefits have
surfaced (the jobs market has been so slow of late). We are currently
working on three assignments, all in the southeast U.S., with clients
needing solid, experienced repair and setting jewelers. All three
companies are solid financially and offer a busy and productive work
environment. If anyone knows a jeweler whose abilities your respect
looking for good employment, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Perhaps together we can help someone in need.

Thank you,

Vic Davis
Vic Davis & Associates, Inc.
866-650-6400 (toll-free)

Being a recruiter in the jewelry industry and specializing in the
recruitment and placement of bench technicians, I am very happy to
report the job market for bench jewelers is beginning to show signs
of life. We are currently working on bench jeweler positions in MT,
UT, AZ, TX, LA, GA and SC. Please feel free to contact me if you or
someone you know whose abilities you respect would like to learn
about these opportunities.

Best Regards,

Vic Davis
1-866-650-6400 (toll-free)