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Jewelcast kit

I bought a Jewelcast kit off ebay

Is it missing a bell jar?

and what is the hand pump rectangular box for? I bought the 2 inch
flasks that fit it.

All set to cast just need to know what I need for vacuum

If anyone knows about this set or has indtructions they can send me
a scan of let me know thanks


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Teri, I think that stored away somewhere in my studio I have a
jewelcast vacuum caster. It does not come with a bell jar. I will
search around and see if I can locate it. The instructions should be
stored with it. If so, I will send them on to you. If I recall
correctly one sets the flask in the opening in the rectangular
box,making sure that one uses the gasket that should have been
included. One pumps it up to create the vacuum. It was insufficient
for my needs so I relegated it to somewhere in my studio where
hopefully, it still remains.


Hi Teri. Couldn’t find the original printed instructions, but
fortunately I located my handwritten ones which are pretty detailed.
First of all, In your post to me you said the sprue base would not
fit into the well. The sprue base does not go in the well. it should
have been removed even before you did your burnout in your kiln. Bear
in mind that the Jewelcast is dangerous to use if you do Anyhow, here
are the instructions for you. I cannot emphasize too strongly your
need to be very careful, as you can get serious burns from spilled
silver or the torch when using this system. In fact, as I understand
it, the jewelcast was removed from the market because of many
accidents. It is not a toy, and you need to be very careful when
using it. I am not attempting to scare you, but to emphasize that it
can be dangerous.

Make your model, invest it, and burn it out as you would for any
other type of casting. Follow the instructions for burnout carefully.
If you dont have the instructions for any of the above, get the Tim
McCreight book on casting and it will provide you will all the
necessary —except for how to use the Jewelcast system.
The only difference with spruing is that for the jewelcast system
you use only one sprue–an 8 gauge one.

You will need to use a small disposable propane torch, as both hands
need to be free when casting. There should have been two wire stands
(holders) for your torch to hold it in the necessary position for
melting the metal. The flame of the torch will be directed at the
sprue opening when you are ready to cast.

After burnout is completed, remove flask from kiln using tongs. Turn
it over, so sprue opening is at the top, and place it in the well of
the caster on top of the high temperature gasket. Vacuum handle must
be in all the way when you start.

Place your carefully measured metal into the crater in your
investment. Light torch. Position it so that the tip of the blue
flame just touches your metal. Add a few grains of borax flux on top
of the heating metal----use a metal spoon—not plastic, and keep
your fingers away from the flame of the torch.

When metal is all melted, still, keeping the flame on the metal hold
firmly to the caster with one hand, with other hand pull handle of
caster all the way out, hold for 30 seconds, slowly release handle,
turn off torch. Leave flask in caster at least another 30 seconds,.
Slowly push handle back into the caster, and then remove flask with
your tongs. Let is rest for another minute, then plunge into a bucket
of water to dissolve the investment.

Hope these instructions are helpful.


Ohhh I see what you are saying The pump handle if done incorrectly
could spray molten metals I think I will pass lol I think getting the
working kiln is enough I will use the flasks in traditional way and
save up for a vacuum table.

thanks Alma and no safety warning is ever too much!!

Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry

@Teri1, I have the original instructions. My parents bought me this when I was a teenager.

Check out

Thank you for posting the instructions for the kit received from your parents - good info to keep on file.