Jewel thieves

Hello Orchs -

The recent posts on jewel thefts may refer to the case of William A.
Hanhardt, 71, former Chief of Detectives and Deputy Superintendent of
the Chicago Police Department, who was formally indicted within the
last two weeks. It is alleged that he masterminded a multi-state
operation which used police surveillance tools and police methods to
hunt unsuspecting jewelry salesmen and snitch their diamonds and
gold. According to the papers, the total haul is in the neighborhood
of $5 million, and the thefts happened between 84 - 94. Inside
was provided by a man who worked in his son’s suburban
jewelry store (I’m sure the son is overjoyed). For the full story go
to and search under “Hanhardt” or “jewel
theft.” It’s extremely creepy.

Richard Hyer

Well I know that I keep asking all you jewelers to join groups but I
am going to ask again as regards this topic. The Jewelers Security
Alliance is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping jewelers with
their security issues. Did you know that last year thefts of jewelry
from salespeople on the road topped $75,000,000? Did you know that in
the same period less than $500,000 has been stolen from banks? The
JSA has been instrumental in working in Washington to get attention to
this problem from the FBI and the Congress. It is an organization
that needs all of your financial support as they are supporting you
whether you give to them or not. They are New York City based and
they have a website. Daniel R. Spirer, GG Spirer Somes Jewelers 1794
Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02140 @spirersomes