Jewel of a tool

Thought I would pass this on, as this little simple tool I would
call th “Schlagger” has helped me burnish out a lot perocity in
castings I was ready to remelt. Take a one eighth mandrel from an
old frazier or an old drill bit and anneal about half inch from
tip. then bend at right angle. smooth the bent tip half round,
mount in flex shaft and hammer away at the perocity hole or dent
etc. It works for me! Marty Rosenblum

Those bent burr power burnishers have saved a whole lot of
castings for a lot of jewelers. With platinum, especially, they
have been of great use. For platinum, but equally useful for
other metals, I’ve made up one where the working end has a little
bit of carbide soldered to it, which is ground to a rounded ball
ended shape, and highly polished with diamond compound. The
lower friction of the carbide lets it burnish platinum and other
metals with less drag and “tearing” of the metal, yet is still
moves it around just fine.

Peter Rowe

Hi Folks,

I’ve taken a # 8 round 3/32" carbide dental burr and turned it
into a cube with a diamond wheel, polished it with cratex wheels
and 60,000 grit diamond paste. It works well for 'beating hell’
out of porosity.


Skip Meister