Jewel Jet is sick - can it be fixed

Hello Orchidland,

I bought one of the original Jewel Jet steamers when the first came
out - oh, maybe 5 years ago. Since I don’t use one every day, I
didn’t want to spring for the ‘professional’ version. Anyway, it’s
been a champ for irregular use.

Now, the poor thing can’t hold its water. As soon as it begins
heating up, the steam comes out and as things go along, it also
starts spitting.

Not much in the way of directions, but the manual does recommend
cleaning with a metal friendly liquid occasionally. I used vinegar,
just like I do for the coffee maker. No improvement and lots of that
distinctive vinegar smell.

Is there hope for this little steamer, or does this mean it is
toast? Thoughts anyone? I have to say, it has given me my $$ worth.
Just hate to discard something that might be repairable.

Judy in Kansas, who is picking some delectable baby squash. Mmmm on
the grill.


We used to repair these Jewel Jet steamers. Every one has had a
white icky substance in them that damaged the steam solenoid valve.
Some plastic parts inside that are subjected to lots of heat become
brittle and often break apart when disassembling it for repair. Due
to the low cost and the poor design (from a service standpoint),
repairs were not economical. This is just a consequence of buying
very low cost equipment.

John, The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

Sounds like, if after you’ve run the cleaning solution (by the way a
bit of cream of tartar (tartaric acid) in water works very well with
no acetic acid scent) you get more vinegar scent- there must be a
crack in the plastic you can’t see easily. Secondly, if there’s a
gasket (or “o-ring”) around the jet out-take (inside the machine)
that may be the problem if it’s outputting before it’s fully heated.
they crack easily, even more easily if its rubber and not used much.
If there was a warranty of more than 2 years I’d be amazed, but
betting it was one year, I think it may be time to invest in a new
one, or just stick some vinyl tubing in the hole of a tea kettle and
direct it at the piece when you need to steam something. Vinyl
tubing can be found at hardware and home stores, pet shops, and pool
and spa stores, you can make an insta-gasket with wheat flour dough
or any number of removable fixturing agents. unless you want to
dedicate the kettle to steaming!..or it’s time for a new jet steamer
if you use it enough to warrant the purchase! Just remember* many
*stones cannot be stem cleaned. rer

Thanks John and R. E. for your response. You have reinforced my

Now to find a modestly priced steamer or just live without it!

Judy in Kansas, who is enjoying a lovely rainfall. How refreshing!