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[Jewel BizTalk] self-employment

Hello everybody,

Shawn and I are two jewelers currently living in Colorado. We have
started our own business doing contract work. We want to support
ourselves entirely with our jewelery work, but living costs in the
town we live in, Estes Park, are prohibitive. To keep our prices
reasonable, and to allow oureselves to be totally self-employed, we
are planning a move back to Texas, and have kind of settled on San
Antonio as a starting point for us. We have lived in Texas before, but
not in San Antonio (the choice is fairly arbitrary :wink: ). Yes, San
Antonio is more affordable than Estes Park!

My request is this: advice on whether or not San Antonio is a good
place for contract jewelers; advice on do’s and dont’s of contract
jewelery work (we’ve done well so far, but there’s always surprises);
leads on potential clients for our business; leads on other good
places to live and work in central Texas; plus any other advice you
feel would be helpful. Also, I’m wanting to get into doing shows, and
any advice on that would be much appreciated. (Thanks to the thread on
orchid, i’ve got some work in a gallery!)

please reply off-list about any clients you feel would have use for
us. (we can provide references.)

Thank you,
Shawn and Susannah Wiseman