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Jett Sett

Hi All. I would really appreciate it if anyone could explain what is
"jett sett" and how it is used as a substitute for shellac when
holding pieces for stone setting or engraving, and if “jett sett” is
better than normal shellac. Thanks.

Dear Fernandez,

I heard about Jett Sett a few months ago, ordered some, and found it
to be an excellent holding device for any odd shaped or small item
you need to hold securely while working on it. It is a granular form
of plastic that becomes solf and pliable in hot water. I run a cup
full through the coffee maker or microwave, put the material in the
water for a few minutes, then mold it by hand into a shape that holds
the jewelry piece. When work is compete, drop the entire plastic
glob back in hot water, then remove the item with little or no
cleanup. I would also recommend the the hand held device sold as an
option. You simply add a little extra material on the bottom, thread
the plastic into the holder when still soft, then use it similar to
any hand vise.

If you have several items to do that are all alike, you can take a
little extra time to mold the plastic in a manner that holds each
item securely, yet you can pry the item out and insert the next one
without going back to the hot water stage again. After I used the
stuff once, I threw away all my shellac. Well worth the investment.



Jett Sett is a thermoplastic (it’s sold as small plastic beads)
that’s softened by placing in hot water. It can then be modeled into
any shape desired. The best part is that it won’t stick ro any thing
but itself. There’s a small amount of give to it so it’ll open up
to release an item (eg. a ring held by the shank) under pressure.
It’s also reuseable; so after it’s been used for 1 job it can be re
softened & used for another projet.

In the US, it’s available from Rio Grande, maybe others as well, I
haven’t checked. If you need industrial quantities, it or a similar
product is available from WFR/Aquaplast Corp, PO Box 635, 30 Lawlins
Park, Wyckoff NJ 07481, 201-891-1042. Aquaplast also has lots of
other sizes & shapes of the same material. I’m not connected with
any of the cos mentioned, just a satisfied customer.


Hi Fernando: Jett Sett is a thermoplastic. There is another brand, a
little different in consistancy, but I’ve forgotten the name. You can
get it from Rio Grande or Frei and Borel. You put the little plastic
pellets in very hot water for a few minutes, then you can form it
onto a stake or pitch plate and imbed your article into it. As it
cools, it stiffens to hold the article. Shellac sticks to the piece
but the thermoplastic has to be formed up over the edges to lock onto
it. It is not brittle like shellac and is easier to remove. You can
remove the article by soaking in hot water, or if you have formed it
correctly, you can snap the article out since the plastic gives a
little, then you can replace the article in the plastic to work on it
again if you need. I use it quite a bit, you can make quick
specially shaped plastic hammers by forming it over the head of a
small hammer. I have made specialty stakes for taking taking dents
out of silver articles by forming it against a surface contour I need
in an area that isn’t damaged. You can form it over the jaws of
pliers so you don’t mark an article, and it makes quick handles for
gravers and needle files. I know I sound like a commericial for the
stuff, but I think it’s a must have for metalsmiths.

David L. Huffman