Jett Sett handles

I would very much like to see the types of handles and adaptations
to tools that can be made from Jett Sett.

I bought some, but have so far used it for setting only. I would
like to alter my pliers and needle files so they no longer press
into the hollow in the center of my palm, hitting the nerve. If
there’s a shape that works better for this, I’d like to know. I
didn’t want to just heat it up, mash it around the handle, squeeze,
and hope I had a good shape.

Can the picures be posted as an ongoing resource at the Ganoksin

Lin Lahlum

You have just hit on my problem. I know enough to know that the
wrong shape can be worse than the standard that everyone is used to.
Regardless of the material used, how do you go about determining a
good shape. It seems if you “just heat it up, mash it around the
handle, squeeze, and hope,” you will end up reinforcing bad habits.
What do others think/advise as the best way to go about this? Have
any ever consulted ergonomics experts, texts? Or know where to go to
get advise on yet one more intellectual endeavor?

Thanks in Advance

Dear Ms. Lin Lahlum I would be more than happy to provide pictures of
this nature however I haven’t the foggiest idea how to get them
posted on the Ganoskin website. I did send you what I had to you
personally, I hope that you got them and they helped. As I said in
my last two posts to this site, I have felt that my perspective on
many of the subjects that come up on this wonderful site are not so
welcome. I have a tendency to want to teach people to fish instead
of handing them fish. From some responses that I have received, I
have felt that I too often offer too much fishing technique and not
enough fish.

I was taken aback at the number of emails that I received regarding
this matter. I never realized how many people have been affected by
issues relating to their hands. I guess that I should have known
better because of the reason that I got into CAD-CAM model making. I
developed central serous retinopathy in my right eye that was
actually caused by computer design work while designing a factory in
China. Now, it is the computer that helps me overcome this issue.
Of course I now have a much larger monitor. My right eye can no
longer perceive a straight line to the type A degree that I demand of
myself. For a fabricating model maker that is disastrous. Now I
rely on the numbers of the computer to tell me what is straight or
not. Fortunately some of my other loves, mathematics, chemistry, and
physics don’t necessarily depend on the perception of a straight

For many of the folks that responded to my post, it is the tools and
the repetitive motions that have caused much of their malady. It is
the same tools with a slight twist (or lack of), that can reduce
their pain and allow them the mental satisfaction of continuing their
work. It is not often in this business that your work can actually
make a physical difference in someone’s life. Jewelry tends to have
more of an emotional impact than a physical benefit. I will be happy
to do what I can to help my fellow jewelers continue with their
productive lives.

You know how the saying goes, multiple heads are much better than
one, or it’s something like that. In any case, I am embarrassed to
say that I didn’t give this issue nearly enough thought as it appears
would have been beneficial to the participants of Orchid. It would
probably be a good idea to post pictures for handles, tools, and
other pain saving innovations from a variety of people. It is not
uncommon for me to learn new and better ways to do things with my own
product nearly every day. Tell me, what can I do to help?

Best Regards,
J. Tyler Teague

I haven’t had any problems with things that you post and I would
also like to see pictures of your tool adaptations. What works for
one problem, may not for another person’s problem but by sharing, we
get a different perspective that may lead to “the answer.”

Marilyn Smith