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Jett set


For what it’s worth, thermoplastic was available years ago (and most
likely still is) in sheets for use by orthotists and physical
therapists, who used it to make custom-molded splints and braces. I
mention this because this product may be more reasonably priced for
the health care industry than it is for jewelers (isn’t everything?) .
Back in the days when I was involved with this stuff, I remember it
being offered by a company called Fred Sammons, Inc.

Lee Einer


I could be wrong, but it would surprise me if the health industry got
a better break on prices. I see it usually go like this:

1. needle nose pliers for hobbyis - $6.50
2. needle nose pliers for auto mechanic - $18.00
3. needle nose pliers for jeweler - $27.00
4. needle nose pliers for orthidontist - $60.00