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Jessica Dow and Mark Anderson - Jewelry Gallery

Different Seasons Jewelry is an artistic union between Jessica Dow’s organic Art Nouveau inspired designs and Mark Anderson’s clean, modern and elegant approach to jewelry and lapidary arts. Mark Anderson, a gemology student at G.I.A., specializes in fine, rare gemstones and he cuts the majority of gems used in Different Season’s jewelry. Mark is an accomplished silversmith and goldsmith who also works in platinum, palladium, gem carving, gem inlay and lost wax casting. Jessica Dow has studied sculpture and drawing and uses her love for nature, a meticulous eye for detail and her hand sketched designs to create beautiful artisan jewelry. Jessica and Mark combine their individual strengths and talents to form truly original works of wearable art.

This design features an Andamooka Matrix gem opal and a small faceted sapphire accent in a lovely shade of clear, bright blue. The Argentium silver setting was pierced, hand engraved and we topped off the design with hand knotted black freshwater pearls.

The pendant is inspired by the moonflower… a gorgeous night blooming flower related to the morning glory.

Roses and Rhodochrosite Pendant

This Argentium silver pendant was pierced, hand engraved and features our custom cut gem quality rhodochrosite cabochon in a perfect bubble-gum pink.

Blooms of Sunstone

Blooms of Sunstone - Pierced and hand engraved sterling silver, African star sunstone cabochon cut by Mark Anderson.
We made this piece for the September, 2007 issue of Jewelry Artist magazine.

Gold Floral Necklace

Gold Floral Necklace - This necklace is made up of three pierced and hand engraved Argentium silver sections, 2-layers of 14k gold overlay on the flowers, a fiery multi-color Andamooka Gem Matrix opal set in a 22k gold bezel, 14k gold granulation and flush set diopside accents. Opal cabochon cut by Mark Anderson.

Laelia Orchid

Laelia Orchid - This is a hand fabricated Argentium silver & pink tourmaline pendant. Our design was directly inspired by the pink blossoms of the beautiful Laelia orchid found in the Gulf of Mexico.
The veining detail in this design is made up of a single layer of intricate piercing that covers the surface of the orchid. The piercing work in the design is complimented by hand engraved accents on the base of the pendant. Mark custom cut a deep pink tourmaline cabochon to represent the bright pink center of the Laelia orchid known as the “labellum”.

Pendant Dimensions~ 2 1/4" by 2" with a 4 carat teardrop pink tourmaline cabochon

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Lily Opal Barrette

Lily Opal Barrette - Pierced and hand engraved Argentium silver, a blue-green Andamooka matrix gem opal and another Andamooka Rainbow opal cabochon at the end of the hand forged Argentium silver stick. The barrette stick has a tapered, smooth spiral design that helps hold the hair and barrette into place. Opals cut by Mark Anderson.

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Moonflowers Ring

Moonflowers Ring - Hand fabricated from sterling sheet, bezel and a moonstone cabochon. Pierced and hand engraved floral scrollwork detailing on the band.

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