Jerritt Canyon Project Gold Bar


I have come across a small gold bar which looks to be in connection
with a joint venture of the Freeport Gold Company in the Jerritt
Canyon Project in Nevada.

Can anyone tell me what it is? It has a family type/emotional
attachment. Any would be helpful

The face is marked 999.9 Fine Jerritt Canyon Project Elko County
Nevada 1980

A joint venture of Freeport Gold Company
FMC Corporation

Kim Starbard


You may wish to get in touch with Fred Holabird of Holabird
Americana. His web address is and his email

Fred was originally a Geologist that specialized in gold mining but
now runs a company in Reno, NV. that auctions gold mining and western
history items.

His staff has a broad knowledge of Gold Mining History.

By the way, although your bar is fairly recent, many of the gold
bars marked with names of Western U.S. mining companies that date
from the 1800’s bring very large sums of money.

Good Luck,
Greg DeMark